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4x4 LED CTM Quatro Indirect Suspended

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QIS-44 CTM  Tunable color replicates the color and beauty of full spectrum sunlight while also providing access to a wide gamut of pastels and saturated colors by using 5 colors of LEDs - amber, cyan, red, mint and blue - that closely approximate all of the colors that the eye can see. The range (1650 - 8000k) in the tunable whites, quality (90+ CRI), dimming (0.1%), color consistency (<2 SDCM over life) and access to a wide gamut of tunable color enables the delivery of lighting that expertly resolves the multiple, yet specific, lighting objectives within a space. 

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    QIS-44 CTM


  • Linear LED
  • Quatro
  • Mounting Type(s): Suspended
  • Size: 4x4
  • Lumens: 1000 peak lumens/ft
  • Watts: 10W/ft.

Indirect Suspended